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The real importance of this chief of all fruits in the world could well be gauged from the fact that date palms and dates have been referred in view of high nutritive value. World production of dates has almost tripled, while export has increased by 1.71% in the last 40 years indicating an increase in the demand for this nutritious fruit. High-energy date fruits have been placed high on the diets of the health conscious. Though the fruit still has untapped potential in the food industry, it also lends itself to countless medicinal and other uses. Though Indian consumption of dates fruits are very less when compared to other countries, we stand in the first position of importing huge quantity of about 5 lakhs tonnes of dates every year.

Presently commercial farming is the buzzword in agriculture, but how far the fact has percolated into the farming community, remains largely doubtful, as many still stick on to conventional crops and old farming pattern. The courage to take the initiative, innovative in the cultivation of crops like Date palm requiring less water and provide more income not only to the farmers but to our nation with constructive measures like wasteland development.
We give High quality variety Tissue culture plants.
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Dates India is the First Company who introduced Date Palm in South India.
Our specialization is in the supply of high quality (female) date palm plants which have been propagated through the technique of "Tissue Culture" and special variety date palm yielding the highest & best quality of dates. These plants have been produced in the laboratories in close collaboration with a UK And UAE companies who have been in this field for the past so many years and have successfully researched for the development and production of date palms. Our plants are reliable, well controlled system generate commercial quantities of high quality, genetically uniform plants of the most select and desirable varieties.

Barhi date palms
We are specialists in Barhi Date Palm Plants. Barhi date palm is one of the finest date palms and is characterized by its high yield.

Date India offers you high quality Barhi date palms at affordable prices.

The tree has heavy trunk of medium height, leaf bases are broad. The fruit stalks are wide, long and heavy. Barhi is preferred by many consumers worldwide due to its high yield.

Barhi is a spherical variety grown in gulf contries, particularly popular there in the soft ripe (rotab) state. Barhi or Barhee, they are the main variety grown there that can be eaten in the khalal (crisp) state (most dates have too much tannin at that stage). Its very popular date worldwide.

Barhi dates are nearly cylindrical, light amber to dark brown when ripe, soft, with thick flesh and rich flavor and superb quality. The Barhi Date is the sweetest and softest of all dates. These dates are large and round. When picked in their yellow state, they are referred to as Khalal; they taste semi-sweet and are as crisp as apples.